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Heaviest People in The World: Record Holding Weights!

The easiest thing in life is to eat and gain weight. The most difficult task is to build your dedication towards the goal of weight loss. In this monotonous and busy world, it is so easy to be engrossed in work and not look for right options to eat and take care of your health.

In this article, we are looking at the following people who have their weights at a very dangerous level:

Donna Simpson

Via Daily Mail
Via Daily Mail

A girl born in 1967, Donna developed an urge to become the heaviest woman in the world in the year 2008. In 2008, Donna weighed 290 kgs and after aiming towards her urge, she reduced to a weight of 273 kgs in 2010. However, she got herself mentioned in the Guinness Book of world records for giving birth to a child despite being the heaviest. However, she started aiming to lose weight in order to take care of her children.

Manuel Uribe

Via NY Daily News
Via NY Daily News

This man, born in 1965 has been suffering from a disease called as morbid obesity due to which he reached to a weight of 597 kgs and was completely unable to leave the bed. He also featured in a documentary. But, with his regular efforts, he has been decreasing weight and was around 360 kgs in 2012. There are several government grants for small businesses that need to be looked upon to establish a small business in order to support people in their weight loss journey.

Kenneth Brumley

Via Alchetron
Via Alchetron

This man had to be taken out of his house by literally hammering down the walls of his house. This was done when he had to be admitted for gastric bypass surgery at a texas hospital.

Mayra Rosales


This woman was actually accused of murdering her 2-year-old nephew. But, thanks to her weight that the texas court set her free on the grounds that she was unable to move her arm due to her weight and so, she was unable to kill.

Terri Smith

Via Top 10 People
Via Top 10 People

This woman set a completely new record for world’s fattest woman in the year 2010. She is completely dependent on her husband and elder daughter for everything as she cannot move or even roll over by herself.

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6 Best Beaches Around The World To Plan Your Getaway For

Whether you are in search of segregated introspection or you want to soul search while partying at the same time; shallow waves or cutting sand and surf. You can find whatever you look for if you keep looking hard enough. Here are a few of those paradise places for you to peruse:

1. Tikehau Beach, French Polynesia 

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and Spa
Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort and Spa

If you cannot decide where to go or what color beach suits your mood the best, the Tikehau Beach is the best one for your indecisive yet party poser mood.

2. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Sea-U, the small hotel in Bathsheba Barbados
Sea-U, the small hotel in Bathsheba Barbados

It is totally secluded from the modern human populace and a great way to unwind during your long vacations. Filled with fun, frolic and adventure; Bathsheba beach is sure to tickle your wildest imaginations a bit and more.

3. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach - Grand Cayman
Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman

This wild expanse of natural beauty can help you get in touch with your senses and your inner peace can be soothed a lot by visiting this untouched layer of the organic happy places left on earth.

4. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

By Captain-tucker (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Captain-tucker (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This horseshoe shaped beach provides natural cover from prying eyes and is a great place to unwind with your loved ones or better half. A vast ocean lies just at your doorstep and the beaches are warm sunny and sweetly nurturing. For best medical litigation assistance lawyers, get help from medical malpractice lawyer Toronto.

5. Champagne Beach (Vanuatu)

By Jae Lee (Own work (Original text: self-made)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jae Lee (Own work (Original text: self-made)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This beach is less a natural expanse and more your own personal meditation spot or adventure pad, whatever you want it to be. Getting here is a whole different experience, what its sandy white beaches and clear blue waters.

6. Nissi Beach (Ayia Napa)

Dmitry Panov [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Dmitry Panov [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
This open treasure trove of nature’s kindness is a paradise on earth. Open waters, playful sandy stretches and plenty of places to hangout and enjoy your holidays. What more can you wish for?

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Easy Steps To Help You Fight Your Ever Growing Stress

Stress and anxiety have triggered almost everyone’s life in their hectic schedules. People, on one hand, do stressful things unwillingly and get stressed and then on the other hand try to find ways to reduce it. There are some simple ways to reduce your stress,relax you mind and body while continuing your hectic schedules uninterruptedly.



Laughter is considered as the best medicine but it is a simple way to reduce your stress as well. It increases intake of oxygen and stimulate endorphin to reduce your stress. Same goes when we are happily excited for something like movies, party or any event we like. Take your locating technology to an entirely different level with indoor navigation on your personal device.

Make Out


Make out is what a pleasurable step to reduce your stress as it decreases cortisol and simultaneously increases oxytocin level in pituitary gland. Making out with someone we love increases our bonding, satisfaction, attachment and security, thus making it a healthy reason to do it as much as you love to.

Chewing Gum


According to a study, it is believed that chewing gum twice a week helps you reducing your stress considerably. The movement, which is called mastication, helps your brain relax and make you calm.



Studies prove that spending time in nature means around trees and plants whether it is your own garden can help you reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate. A patient can also be benefited as it helps him recover at faster rates and increases his pain tolerance as well.

Music And Pets


Listening to Music is one of the most common hobbies of most of the people. However, it relieves you with less stress when you listen instrumental musics. Keeping pets like dogs, cats, etc can also lower your cortisol level and free you from anxiety or stress to a considerable extent.

Watch the video and get in-depth knowledge about stress reduction techniques:

Note: Images used in this article are grabbed from the video embedded above.

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6 Most Regrettable Inventions By Our Greatest Scientists

We invent things to make our life more comfortable, easier, safer and for money as well. Scientists, unlike whose who are involved in terrorism, always think of the welfare of the world before inventing things. But sometimes it turns into a bane and becomes the cause of severe apologies for those scientists. Here are some inventions which later causes much regression to the inventors.

1. The Atomic Bomb

Everybody on this earth knows about the regression of Albert Einstein for atomic bomb but the person who was the main creator of it was J. Robert Oppenheimer. He invented this devastating bomb to end the second world war but after witnessing the devastation caused by it, he was deeply regretted.

Flickr/ catnthehat
Flickr/ catnthehat

2. Dynamite

The creator of dynamite, Alfred Nobel, whose name has been assigned the highest honor in the world through Nobel Peace Prize, invented it to end the war. But who knew it would be used as a weapon in wars and would witness millions of deaths worldwide.

Flickr/ Sean MacEntee
Flickr/ Sean MacEntee

3. Agent Orange by Arthur Galston

This invention was intended to help the plants grow more speedily by introducing a hormone TIBA but it had a side effect of defoliating. It was misused in wars to ruin the crops of countries leaving its subjects in pathetic conditions and moreover caused lifelong birth defects. Never ever compromise with the safety of your homes, cars, etc. Always trust Locksmith Toronto tech.


4. Fighter Planes

Who doesn’t know about one of the greatest revolutionized invention by Wright Brothers but they didn’t know that their lifetime devotion would turn to be a devastating medium. The high tech fighter planes have been responsible for millions of deaths which the creator had never imagined.

Flickr/ Pavel Vanka
Flickr/ Pavel Vanka

5. Pepper Spray

Kamran Loghman discovered this spray to help investigating officers in their work. The cause of his regression was the use of this spray on people who protest on the road peacefully.

Flickr/ andres musta
Flickr/ andres musta

6. AK-47

In order to defend his country and to prevent the use of dangerous and ineffective rifles, Mikhail Kalashnikov invented this famous, easy-to-use and cheap rifle. But soon it became the weapon of criminals and make the inventor feel guilty of the reason of many innocent deaths.


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5 Amazing Writers You Should Follow On Twitter

There are different kinds of people on Earth. Similarly, social media is not just filled with people who post pictures of food, clothes and their perfect selfies.. There are aspiring poets on Instagram and Twitter too!

The number of followers that these people get show that our generation still has a thirst for literature and also, there are plenty of talented poets and writers with a flair for writing such beautiful and soul-touching words.

1. R.M.Drake

This popular Instagram poet started posting his works in social media and then went on to become extremely popular and publish his own book. His work is loved by so many people and gets re-tweeted countless number of times.

2. Exceptsofstories

This one is a personal favorite. They post short paragraphs from stories that just touch your heart. The best thing about this page is that they crowd-source their posts. So, if you feel like you have something beautiful to say, you can always send it to them. Infact, dental implants Toronto, along with other influencer, follow these handles as well


3. Poetry Musings

This page has interesting posts that can brighten your day. Following them and reading their inspiring quotes in the morning on your way to work could make a whole lot of difference to your Monday morning.

4. Terribly Tiny Tales

The name says it all. These are short stories with a lot of depth and meaning to it. They post social causes and the way something so meaningful and deep is written in just a line or two makes this page awe-inspiring.


5. Atticus Poetry

Yet another Twitter poet who has become extremely popular writing some amazing lines.

This just makes us realize that we should always do what we love doing. It doesn’t matter if we don’t earn our living through it, it can always be our passion.

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7 Most Dangerous And Rugged Assault Rifles of The 21st Century

War is awful for trade, obviously with the exception of the ‘weapon making’ business. Antagonism is a piece of the character of any incarnate being, thus it is of people. In the event that there is something that happens unfailingly through history, it is war.

1. AK-47:


With regards to the main attack rifle, AK-47 assumes control over every single other rifle in one viewpoint: dependability. A review on the rifle demonstrated that an AK-47 can be utilized even after it has been rolled over by tank, loaded with mud and water or secured with rust. The world’s most generally utilized attack rifle, the AK-47s have slaughtered more number of individuals than whatever other ambush rifle that at any point existed. For best moving and packing services, click at Calgary movers.

2. FN scar:

The number two on this rundown is the FN scar which can shoot two sorts of shells; one, loaded with M16 ammo and another, loaded with a bullet like the AK-47.

3. ACR:

278th Cavalry training in Kuwait

Versatile Combat Rifle, is a refreshed adaptation of the Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System. Intended to supplant the M16s, the ACRs are known to have the most reduced backlash constrain among all attack rifles.

4. Heckler and Koch G36:


G36 is a 5.56X45 mm strike rifle, outlined in Germany by Heckler and Koch in the mid 90s. Intended to supplant the G3, G36 is a gas worked attack rifle that nourishes from a 30-round separable box magazine or a 100-round C-Mag drum magazine.

5. Galil:


Composed by Israel Military Industries Ltd., Galil is one of the littlest ambush rifles on the planet. With a line loaded for the halfway 5.56X45mm NATO gauge shots, with either the M193 or SS109 ball cartridge.

6. Famas:


With the ammo sustain behind the trigger, the rifle has a bullpup design. Lightweight and configuration points of interest cause more backlash however Famas is extremely helpful. It can be effortlessly changed into a projectile launcher.

7. M4A1:


The M4A1 is a gas worked, magazine encouraged, particular shoot, bear discharged weapon with the choice of an extending stock. Vigorously utilized by the US military, it is a little form of the M16 with different separable adornments called SOPMOD.

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11 Helpful Moving Tips And Tricks Everyone Should Know

Be it being transferred to a place where you always wanted to live or be it having to leave the lovely apartment you had been living happily in, both situations in spite of having a stark difference in their moods, have the same entailment: moving. Now, whatever be the reason behind it, unless you’re Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., deep down you know you hate it. It involves a whole lot of boxes, tapes and most importantly, patience.

But here’s a secret nobody told you. With the help of some tricks and hacks, it may not seem as daunting a task as it did earlier.

1. Do Your Homework: It is advised to do a little research as to which movers are the best around your area. The most important and hardest part of moving may seem to be the packing up of the stuff into boxes but that’s not the case. Actually moving the boxes safely to the desired destination is the most crucial part of the moving process because that is something that will not be under your supervision and could only be done the way you like it if you hire Calgary movers you can trust. So in this case, ball’s totally in your court.

2. Do Not Procrastinate: Do not plan a trip if you have to move in a few days! People tend to push the packing till they are left with no other option than to pack in absolute haste and then everything’s a mess. Clear your schedule way before the last minute and make sure you are left with plenty of time dedicated only to packing your stuff.

3. Don’t Leave Everything Up To The Movers: If you are one of those people who tend to think that the movers would help you pack the stuff you couldn’t have the time to, sorry to break your bubble, but you’re mistaken. In fact, this is one of the things that upset the movers the most.

4. Pack Your Belongings Smartly: While packing, our main focus is on the fact that we all we have to do is just to, well, ‘pack’ everything up. No matter how we do it. That is not the way to do it. You should always chalk out a plan as to what things can go together in the same box and what things cannot. Also, you should divide the weight between different boxes. Putting all the heavy things in one box just shows hoe thoughtlessly you have done your part in the process of moving.

5. Label The Boxes: This step will prove to be extremely helpful to you as well as for the movers. Once you label them, the movers will know which boxes are to be handled with what amount of care. Do remember to write ‘fragile’ on the ones that need to be handled with extra care. Also, it would be helpful for them if you labelled as to which direction the boxes should be lifted in. It may not seem like it, but these little hacks can make moving easier for both you and the movers. Once you have moved, labeling would also help you in figuring out what boxes you need to open as soon as you reach the destination and in what order.

6. Keep The Area Clean: A lot of people tend to leave the place, from where they are moving, like a tornado-stricken area once they are done with packing. But they don’t realize how messy it becomes for the movers to get the boxes out when all the other stuff block their way.

7. Provide An Appropriate Spot For The Truck: Talk to your landlord or your neighbors or whomever you need to, to get a good spot for the parking of the Calgary movers’ truck so that the boxes can be carried comfortably to it.

8. Do Not Hover: Movers are there to help make it easier for you to move from one place to another. And you pay them too. But that doesn’t mean you can are allowed to hover. Let them do their task peacefully.

9. Do Not Disappear: This is actually in the continuation of the last point but exactly opposite. You shouldn’t hover. But then, you shouldn’t let them be all on their own either! You should guide them without getting in their way.

10. Number Your Boxes: This will prevent both you and the movers from leaving behind some stuff accidentally.

11. Leave Behind the Things You Can: It is a well-known fact- the less the baggage, the easier it is to move on!

It’s always exciting to move to a new place. After all, new place, new vibes and thus, new life!

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Cache Poisoning: What It Is And How To Prevent It From Happening?

Setting up a network for your business is a must in this present age of technological interconnectedness. Having different workstations present in a single network makes it much easier to handle data, share files, keep track of other parts of your project, and communicate efficiently. However, a network, if not handled properly, can also leave you vulnerable to an attack from malicious third party sources.

When building a network, most people forget the basic tenants of security. It is imperative that there be a DNS firewall to protect your confidential data and resources from the risk of breach. Without the proper checks in place, all your hard work may just be in vain.

What is DNS?
DNS or Domain Name Server is dynamic database that spans the entire globe and keeps a map of paths between hostnames, IP Addresses, text records etc. in order to efficiently send to or receive data from sites stored anywhere on the web. DNS is hierarchical in nature and contains a tree-like data structure that links domain names as nodes. The root of this tree starts with “.”. For example the right dot in “” represents the root zone from which the DNS hierarchy is further split.

The primary function of DNS is to translate hostnames to IP addresses. For example, users understand what “” refers to, but a computer will not. The DNS resolver checks its maps and changes this hostname to its equivalent IP address in order to display appropriate results.

Cache Poisoning
DNS cache poisoning or DNS spoofing is a method of falsifying an IP Address in order to hack a DNS. This occurs when an attacker manages to corrupt the DNS resolver. Normally, a DNS resolver caches previous queries in order to return faster data. However, if an attacker can spoof this cache, the returned IP Address may not be the one that the user requires and the traffic may be re-routed to the attacker’s computer. For example, if the user wants to access “”, the DNS should provide the IP Address of one of the many Google servers that handles traffic from your nearest location. However, if the cache has been corrupted, the DNS may reply with a malicious IP which can then read all data packets you were trying to send to Google.

Once the cache has been corrupted, it will stay in the server for cache lifetime (Time To Live) or until someone notices the breach. However this type of breach is not easy to detect since there isn’t an anomaly that the system can detect.

How to prevent this?
Prevention of cache poisoning is, unfortunately, not a one-step solution. There are a lot of ways we can try to plug the loopholes. For starters, companies should ensure their IT teams configure their DNS servers to rely as little as possibleon other DNS servers. By doing this, even if one DNS server is corrupted, the breach will stay localized and not compromise the entire network. You should also use the most updated DNS available. BIND 9.5.0 or higher has port randomization features and cryptographically secures Transaction IDs. This prevents spoofing of caches.

IT teams should also limit recursive queries in DNS servers. The DNS server should ensure that it proactively clears any services that are not immediately required. Apart from this, you can also use available tools like DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) to prevent possible attacks.

The boundaries of security are continuously evolving, as are the methods to bypass them. It will never be possible to guarantee a failsafe method of protection, but by being aware of possible dangers and being vigilant of your services, you can make your network as secure as possible.

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Why DNS Security Is That One Thing You Should Learn Today?

The most crucial aspect of any association or organization is its security. As the saying goes, it’s easy to build an empire but to protect it is what takes more efforts. Not only organizations exclusively, any network needs protection from unauthorized access. Now full fill these purpose network security systems are built. These network security systems are known as DNS. Now how do these DNS serve the purpose or protects the network. The DNS servers have three main functions. First being management of the authoritative zone, second being management of DNS information. Third and last being creating the response to the clients query.

DNS stands for Domain Name System (DNS) it is a very integral part of the Internet, it functions as the underground pathway link of the I Internet Protocol with the host names. There is an intricate working system for security within the system T he failure of the DNS is due to loop holes on the authentication part. In-depth research is being done on DNS security. In this article we will be talking about the various aspect of DNS security

How important is DNS for the internet?!

When one connects into the World Wide Web from any part of the worlds. The connection is located with the help of the IP address. Firstly the host name is resolved into IP addresses then back into host name. This job is done by the DNS for the possible security reasons. Now any IP based communication will totally rely on information contained within the DNS.

The reasons behind emerging threats in the DNS security are manifold. Security weakness surrounding IP and the protocols. Lack of authenticity of the recorded data within the DNS and many more reasons. Since DNS security is immune to these loop holes, DNS security extensions are added and will be added in future as well. Till date the major problem that is faced in DNS security is the risk of leaking of vital information from the internal DNS network itself. Though blocking thus helps with the situation but mostly host names can be camouflaged as project name.

Client flooding is also a common term in DNS security. Client flooding is a glitch, in this the system in behalf of client might ask out some query, in response of that multiple responses is received. The number could even go up to thousands. This huge number of response is sending on the attacker’s part. The attacker gets inside the system, as there are loop holes in the authentication system.

DNS being such a critical component in the system, the first protocol was created with no specification to include DNS security. But now robust mechanisms are involved in making it secure. IETF the regulating body, devised security extensions to the DNS. Data authentication and addition of transaction information are vital roots for the growth of strong security in. A time will come very soon, when these glitches will be covered, and a complete secured system will be ready to use.

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Solution To Diminishing Address Space : IPv6

The internet is a network that connects millions of computers worldwide. For this communication to occur, each connected device requires a unique address called IP address, which distinguishes it from others. This is the function of Internet Protocol (IP). The problem is that with each passing day, more and more computers and several other devices are connected to the internet, and because of that, the number of IP addresses available are getting depleted.

Then there enters the Internet Protocol version 6 also known as IPv6 with some serious solutions. Before knowing about IP version 6, it is important to know the IPv4, which we usually call only IP. The IPv4 format is a sequence of 32 bits (or four sets of 8 bits) and is composed of a sequence number in the following format:  xxxx, where x is a number which can go from 0 to 255, take a look at this example:

Theoretically, IPv4 allows the creation of up to 4,294,967,296 addresses. A very large amount, isn’t it? But, believe it or not, soon it will be insufficient.

IPv6 adoption is getting a considerable amount of press starting late and perhaps all for good reasons. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), who is in charge of worldwide address space allocation issued their last block of IP version 4 addresses in mid 2011. IANA assigns address space to the five territorial Internet registries or RIRs who are in charge of dispensing these addresses to requestors, basically ISPs (Internet service Providers) in their region. For all intents and purposes this sort of usage is not that straightforward and would require a parallel IPv6 based Internet to keep running until all IPv4 associations have been changed over.

The creation of IPv6 consumed several years, after a number of parameters and requirements need to be observed that problems do not occur or at least be significantly mitigated in its implementation. In other words, it was necessary to make a technology – IPv4 – evolving, and not create a completely new standard.

The problem for diminishing IP addresses exists because the internet was not planned so as to be as large. The original idea was to create a communication system that interconnects research centers. Only when the internet started to be used in a broad sense it was clear that the maximum number of IP addresses could be achieved in a relatively near future. Realizing this, a project named IPng (Internet Protocol next generation) was started and gave rise to what is known as IPv6.

The first visible difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is its format. IPv4 consists of 32 bits, as already reported, whereas IPv6 is comprised of 128 bits. Thus, theoretically, the number of available addresses can reach 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 an exceptionally high number!

But there is a problem, if the IPv4 use four numerical sequences to form the address – for example: – in IPv6 it would have to apply no less than 16 groups of numbers. Just imagine typing it all! For that reason, IPv6 uses eight sequences of up to four characters separated by ‘:’ (colon), but taking into account the hexadecimal system.

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